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Software Licensing Consulting Services

Your licensing vision defined and designed.

Not sure what your licensing strategy is? Whether you struggle with an existing implementation or you aim to define a new strategy from zero, Gemalto offers a team of Software Licensing Consultants who specialize in transforming your licensing vision into clear business objectives, assessing the state of your current licensing processes, and defining a clear list of requirements for achieving your new or evolved licensing vision. Once your vision is secured and the business objectives are agreed upon across the organization, your dedicated team of Software Licensing Consultants will work with you to create the blueprints for your vision.

Software Licensing Consulting Services Portfolio:

For software publishers new to licensing, an industry-leading Software Licensing Consultant will walk you through a comprehensive set of software licensing best practices, covering topics such as traits of successful licensing implementations and common shortcomings of failed licensing projects. The consultant will then help you conduct an internal assessment of the business goals for your licensing system and go on to use these goals to define an actionable licensing strategy for your organization. Learn More


Many software publishers have an existing licensing strategy in place but may find it difficult to manage, too expense, lacking in functionality, or incapable of adapting to new business goals. Gemalto’s Software Licensing Consultants specialize in system design and optimization. Whether you know how your licensing strategy needs to evolve or you just know there is a broken process somewhere, a Gemalto Licensing Consultant will work to clarify your organizations new or additional business goals for licensing, conduct an assessment of your existing licensing processes and then define an actionable plan for evolving your licensing strategy. Learn More  


Gemalto’s team of Software Licensing Consultants specialize not only in helping you to define your licensing goals, but also then turning that vision into a comprehensive licensing architecture that will serve as the blueprint for the implementation of your license enforcement and management systems. Gemalto’s Software Licensing Consultants will deliver a complete, end-to-end license system architecture that addresses everything from back office design, fulfillment processes, custom licensing models, product design, security, and data migration planning to customer experience, use case definition, user workflows, business intelligence, sales impact, and business agility. Learn More  


Learn about Gemalto's Software Licensing Implementation Services

White Paper - How to Get Software Licensing Right the First Time

This white paper explains why building a cohesive licensing team and aligning it with your business processes should take priority over integrating licensing technology with your software products.

Download the White Paper

Service Brief - Software Licensing Workshop: Strategy Design & Architecture Development

Learn about Gemalto's Licensing Solution Design Workshop which is intended for software publishers who are in the midst of building or rebuilding their software licensing strategy or implementation.

Download the Service Brief

Service Brief - Sentinel JumpStart

The Sentinel Jumpstart Service is designed to help new customers minimize setup time and ensure maximum utilization of their investment in Sentinel technology.

Download the Service Brief

Implementation TuneUp

Service Brief - Implementation TuneUp

Intended for software publishers that are using a licensing system of any kind, this service is designed to help ensure your licensing implementation is optimized and able to scale as your business goals and products continue to evolve.

Download the Service Brief

LEAP Newsletter

LEAP is your essential quarterly guide to software licensing, entitlement, and protection.

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